Announcement of sponsorship of the distinguished 21st Government Roundtable of the Economist

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm is glad to announce its role as sponsor of the forthcoming distinguished 21st Roundtable with the Government of Greece organized by the Economist “EUROPE UNRAVELLING, GREECE UNTANGLING – Brainstorming with world leaders” which will take place at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, on 28-29 June, 2017.

Invited speakers are institution leaders and distinguished personalities from around the world, including Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the main opposition, President of the New Democracy Party, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Chairman and CEO of Mytilineos Holdings, Mr. Evangelos Mytilineos, Greece’s Minister of Economy and Development, Mr. Dimitris Papadimitriou, Greece’s Alternate Minister of Finance, Mr. Declan Costello, Mission Chief for Greece in the European Commission, Ms. Delia Velculescu, Mission Chief for Greece, European Stability Mechanism (ESM), Mr. George Chouliarakis, the Deputy Director of the European Investment Fund, Mr. Hubert Cottogni and many more.

Prof. Dr. Ant. Metaxas is again invited to participate in such a seminal conference as Speaker/Moderator of the Panel on the Prospects of the European and Greek Energy Market.

Business leaders and top personalities from politics and academia will once again brainstorm, openly discuss and put forward new proposals on all the issues that this year’s 21st annual Roundtable will be covering.

M&A Law Firm's participation in this leading Conference of the Economist is typical for its categorization as a distinguished leading law firm especially in the core fields of its specialization in particular energy, privatizations and legal and regulatory aspects in all network bound sectors of the economy.

You can visit the two-day Summit’s website via this link.

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm looks forward to this exceptional event.

M&A Law Firm - Official Sponsor of the important Conference "A Glimpse into Europe's Financial Landscape Greece: A comeback to the financial markets?"

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm is glad to announce its role as official sponsor of the forthcoming leading Business Forum organized by the Economist and the Greek-German CC&I “A Glimpse into European  Financial Landscape Greece: A comeback to the financial markets, which will take place in Germany, Frankfurt a. M., Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on 31st May 2017.

Invited speakers are distinguished personalities from around the world, including, among others, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Mr. Pierre Moscovici, Greek Minister of Finance, Mr. Euclid Tsakalotos, the Governor of Bank of Greece, Mr. Yannis Stournaras, the Member of the executive board of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mr. Benoit Coeuré, the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Julien Petit. Prof. Dr. Antonios Metaxas, Managing Partner of M&A Law Firm is also again among the distinguished invited speakers. Top personalities from politics and academia will once again brainstorm, openly discuss and put forward new proposals on all issues that this forum will be covering.

M&A Law Firm's participation in this Business Forum is typical for its categorization as leading, prominent business law firm in Greece.  You can visit the Event website via this link.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this very important Conference.

Important International Meeting on the Role of Power Exchanges in the Coupled European Energy Markets

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm would like to inform you about the forthcoming “Energy Commodities Conference 2017”, an important scientific event dedicated to the major legal and political issues arising in the context of the EU electricity and natural gas markets, which will be held on the 12th & 13th of May 2017 in Athens, in “Athinais Multicultural Center”.

The conference will be attended by the major scientific and institutional actors operating within the Greek and EU energy market, as well as some of the most prominent academic researchers in the field of energy regulation. Among the invited speakers who have confirmed their attendance will be the Managing Partner of Metaxas & Associates Law Firm and Executive Director of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute, Prof. Dr. A. Metaxas. Prof. Metaxas will focus its presentation on the european law parameters and problems of capacity mechanisms.

The Agenda of the conference comprises of the following topics:

  1. The role of Power Exchanges towards the integration of the market
  2. The role of LAGIE as the Greek Power Exchange towards the Target Model and the Market Coupling with Italy
  3. The price landscape in SEE and the opportunities arise for Power Trading and Supplying firms
  4. The Capacity Markets Landscape in EU, as well as the EU directives for different state members
  5. The permanent mechanism for the Greek Capacity Assurance Certificates
  6. The landscape for power supplying companies in the Balkan Region
  7. The different strategies new alternative suppliers follow in their ‘fight’ for market share
  8. The entrepreneur services by power suppliers and DSOs which will change the status quo of end consumers and will turn them to ‘prosumers’
  9. The new IT tools for managing energy data, about price and RES production forecasting as well as fancy visualization software
  10. The continuing support of EEX to the Greek energy market and the possibilities for physical contracts
  11. The internal market price observation and the market shares of alternative suppliers.

For the detailed Agenda of the Conference, the registration fees and even further information on the event, please visit here.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this important Conference.