M & A Law Firm sponsors the forthcoming distinguished "22nd Government Roundtable with the Government of Greece" of the Economist

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm is glad to announce for a consecutive year its role as sponsor of the forthcoming distinguished 22nd Economist Government Roundtable –  A compass for Europe – a fair wind for Greece” – that will take place on June 14th-15th, 2018, at the 5 star Grand Resort Lagonissi resort.

Confirmed speakers include leading institution leaders and distinguished personalities from around the world. Business leaders and top personalities from politics and academia will once again brainstorm, openly discuss and put forward new proposals on all the issues that this year’s Business Summit will be covering.

 Professor Dr. Ant. Metaxas is invited to participate as Commentator in the Panel that will be focusing on the important latest developments in the key Energy sector.

M&A Law Firm’s participation in this leading Conference of the Economist is typical for its categorization as a distinguished leading law firm especially in the core fields of its specialization in particular energy, infrastructure, privatizations and legal and regulatory aspects in all network bound sectors of the economy.

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Metaxas & Associates Law Firm looks forward to this exceptional event.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Appointment of new Research Director of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI)

The Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI) is happy to announce the beginning of its cooperation with Mr. Michalis Mathioulakis in the position of the new Research Director of the Institute.

The Institute’s Chairman, Prof. Dr. A. Metaxas, welcomed Mr. Mathioulakis in this position as an experienced Energy Strategy Analyst and researcher in the University of Macedonia, producing analysis of the energy sector in MENA and Eastern Mediterranean for the Hellenic National Defense General Staff Chair in Strategic Studies - "Thucydides". Michalis is a PhD Candidate, holds a Master’s in Strategic Studies, a BA in Political Science and a BA degree in Economics. The Institute’s Research Department supports research related to energy issues in Greece, the EU and worldwide, with particular focus in Energy Regulation & Law in all energy market sectors (electricity, natural gas, hydrocarbons). It supports researchers and post-graduate students to conduct, publish and promote research work and scientific analysis in the fields of energy law and regulation. The appointment of Mr. Mathioulakis is a sign of the commitment of HERI for an intensified intervention in the above mentioned fields and activities.

The application of the General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is put into force, thus creating a single legislative framework for the processing of personal data in the Member States of the European Union. The legal implications and practical consequences for all companies including energy companies are severe.

To read the full article as posted on Energypress please click here

Important Conference Announcement | 3rd HAEE Annual Conference | 3-5 May, Athens

Professor Metaxas is invited speaker at the 3rd HAEE Annual Conference, titled “Energy Transition: European and Global Perspectives”, on the subject of “RES global picture, product innovation, and Greek market developments” that will take place in Athens, Greece at the Wyndham Grand Athens hotel on 3-5.5.2018. Apart from globally oriented concerns, the Conference will focus on the European energy sector which should constantly cope with uncertainties especially in the South-Eastern European region due to continuously changing geopolitical and social conditions. Conference speakers include key leading institutional, government, academic and energy market players. On the plenary session of the 4th of July where Prof. Metaxas will participate other prominent speakers include Carlo Andrea Bollino, President of the Italian Association for Energy Economics and Professor in the Department of Economics in the University of Perugia, Mr. Socratis Konstantinidis, Managing Director of the Renewable Energy Sources Dept. of the COPELOUZOS GROUP, Mr. Elias Lardas, Managing Director, AlphaPlus Insurance Brokers, Peter Fitzsimmons, Renewable Energy Underwriter, Axis Capital and Professor Dr. Arthouros Zervos, Renewable Energy Policy Network, REN21 and former CEO of PPC S.A.

For further Information and the Agenda of the Conference please see here.