M & A Law Firm sponsors the forthcoming "3RD BALKAN & EASTMED ENERGY LAW FORUM" (29.11.2019)

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm, under the auspices of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute, sponsors and is glad to announce the upcoming 3RD BALKAN & EASTMED ENERGY LAW FORUM, organized by Palladian Conferences, that will take place on the November 29th, 2019 at the Hotel N.J.V Plaza in Athens.

Prof. Dr. Antonis Metaxas, Managing Partner of METAXAS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM and Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute will participate as an invited speaker in Panel I, under the title “Greece as alternative source of Gas Supply for the Balkans”.

Metaxas & Associates Law Firm looks forward to this exceptional event. For further information and the Agenda of this leading Conference click here.

You may fill out your registration form to the conference via the following link: https://3rdbalkaneastmedenergylawforum.eventsadmin.com/Register

Παρουσίαση του νέου συλλογικού τόμου με επιμελητή τον Καθηγητή Α. Μεταξά "Η κρίση του Κράτους Δικαίου στην ΕΕ"


Mε αφορμή την έκδοση του συλλογικού τόμου "Η κριση του Κράτους Δικαίου στην ΕΕ| The crisis of the Rule of Law in the EU" (Εκδόσεις Ευρασία), την οποία έχει επιμεληθεί ο Καθηγητής κ. Α. Μεταξάς, θα διεξαχθεί την Τετάρτη 27 Νοεμβρίου και ώρα 19:30 στην Αίθουσα Λόγου της Στοάς του Βιβλίου (Πεσμαζόγλου 5, Αθήνα) επιστημονική εκδήλωση με θέμα "Η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση (ΕΕ) ως "Ένωση Δικαίου" - Απειλείται σήμερα το Κράτος Δικαίου στην ΕΕ;". Ομιλητές στην εκδήλωση θα είναι η κ. Αικατερίνη Σακελλαροπούλου, Πρόεδρος του ΣτΕ, ο κ. Ευάγγελος Βενιζέλος, τ. Αντιπρόεδρος της Κυβέρνησης, Καθηγητής Συνταγματικού Δικαίου, ο κ. Ιωάννης Σαρμάς, Πρόεδρος του Ελεγκτικού Συνεδρίου, ο κ. Χρήστος Ράμμος, Πρόεδρος της ΑΔΑΕ και επιτ. Αντιπρόεδρος του ΣτΕ και ο επιμελητής του τόμου, Καθηγητής κ. Α. Μεταξάς. Συντονιστής της συζήτησης θα είναι ο κ. Κωνσταντίνος Μενουδάκος, Πρόεδρος Αρχής Προστασίας Δεδομένων Προσωπικού Χαρακτήρα, Πρόεδρος ΣτΕ ε.τ.

M&A awarded by the Energy Charter Secretariat for a second consecutive year


Metaxas & Associates Law Firm has been awarded by the Energy Charter Secretariat for its contribution to the Energy Investment Risk Assessment Report of 2019. M&A had the privilege to be invited as the expert Law Firm for Greece to be part of the distinguished team of energy experts that prepared the EIRA 2019 report.

This prestigious publication assists governments to further improve investment conditions for foreign investors in the energy sector, offering up-to-date information on the regulatory frameworks of the participating countries. M&A's expert energy practice group has contributed with its extended expertise in the Greek market on issues regarding unpredictable policy change, discrimination between foreign and domestic investors and breach of state obligations.

The Energy Investment Risk Assessment 2019 report, the second edition of its flagship publication (#EIRA2019), was officially launched in Brussels on 30 September 2019, with speakers and representatives of all major international energy institutions. Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák presented the publication and was opened by European Commission Director General for Energy Dominique Ristori.

You can read more on the official launch event here: https://energycharter.org/media/news/article/energy-charter-secretariat-publishes-energy-investment-risk-assessment-2019/

The publication of EIRA2019 report can be downloaded here: https://eira.energycharter.org/



Metaxas & Associates Law Firm has successfully represented RES producers in their dispute over interest payments of electricity sales invoices due to the significant delays of the Operator of RES & Guarantees of Origin (DAPEEP S.A.). For further information, click to the following link:   https://bit.ly/2JgWezF


M & A Law Firm sponsors the forthcoming leading "Renewable & Storage Forum" Conference


Metaxas & Associates Law Firm sponsors and is glad to announce the upcoming Renewable & Storage Forum that will take place on October 24th, 2019 at the Wyndham Grand Athens.


Mr Stathis Kakounis, Partner at Metaxas & Associates Law Firm, is invited to participate as Speaker in this exceptional event that will address every important aspect of the RES landscape in Greece.


Metaxas & Associates Law Firm looks forward to this exceptional event. For further information and the Agenda of this leading Conference see here .


Presentation of the new collective publication edited by Prof. Dr. A. Metaxas "The Crisis of the Rule of Law in the EU"

Further to the publication of the collective volume "The Crisis of Law in the EU" (Eurasia Publications), edited by Prof. Dr. Antonis Metaxas, a scientific event will take place on Wednesday 27th of November at 19:30 in the Lecture Room of the Books' Archway (5 Pesmazoglou Street, Athens) under the title "The European Union (EU) as  "Rechtsstaat" - Is the Rule of Law in the EU today under threat?". The panel discussion will host invited speakers, namely Ms Aikaterini Sakellaropoulou, President of the Council of State (CoS), Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, Former Vice President of the Government & Professor of Constitutional Law, Mr. Ioannis Sarmas, Vice-President of the Court of Auditors, Mr. Christos Rammos, President of the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE) and Honorary Vice-President of the Council of State (CoS), and the Editor Prof. Dr. Antonis Metaxas. The panel will be coordinated by Mr. Konstantinos Menoudakos, President of the Data Protection Authority, Honorary President of the Council of State (CoS).

WINDMission Greece 2019 Conference (14-15 October 2019, Athens, Greece)



The Voice of Renewables and Parity Platform are organising the WINDMission Greece 2019 Conference that will take place in Athens (Greece) on 14-15 October at the American College of Greece.

Prof. Dr. Antonis Metaxas, Managing Partner of Metaxas & Associates Law Firm and Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute will participate as an invited speaker in the Greek Wind Energy Development Policy panel.

WINDMission Greece 2019 Conference is aiming to gather all Greek wind energy stakeholders and provide excellent networking opportunities across the entire spectrum, from legislation makers through investors and EPCs.

WINDMission Greece Conference is organised under the auspices of Hellenic Wind Energy Association ELETAEN / HWEA.

You may fill out your complimentary pass to the conference via the following link: https://bit.ly/2LGuSou

Press Release

The Hellenic Council of State has ruled that basic pillars of the 2016 social security legislation (4387/2016), are unconstitutional, according to a set of decisions published on Friday, 4 October 2019. Metaxas & Associates Law Firm welcomes with great pleasure this positive outcome for our clients whom we have successfully represented before the Greek Supreme Administrative Court. The formation of our legal arguments, which we considered them to be overwhelmingly urged, had a major impact on the decision of the Hellenic Council of State.

Publication of a new study on the enforcement of State aid rules and decisions by national courts with the contribution of M&A Law Firm for the DG Competition of the European Commission.


A new study was carried out for the DG Competition by the European University Institute in collaboration with major European legal networks and research centres has just been published. In this significant study, Metaxas & Associates Law Firm had the privilege to be selected as the national expert for Greece and Cyprus.

The Study offers a comprehensive overview of the enforcement of State aid rules by national courts of the 28 Member States, identifying emerging trends and challenges and presenting best practices. It examines national enforcement cases that were decided between 2007 and 2017, including some important rulings decided in 2018. Moreover, it provides insights on the use of cooperation tools by the Commission and national courts.

This elaborate analysis, includes 145 case summaries and 28 country reports in its annexes which are publicly available on the following project website https://state-aid-caselex-accept.mybit.nl/

The objective of the Study was to provide the state of play of State aid enforcement by national courts in the EU. In order to meet the objectives of the Study, the process included the identification and classification by the national experts of the most relevant rulings rendered by national courts on State aid matters, the summarising of the main findings at EU level, the identification of best practices and the use of the cooperation tools by the Commission and the national courts

The Study Team, in cooperation with the national legal experts -such as Metaxas & Associates for the case of Greece and Cyprus- identified and compiled a list of relevant rulings adopted by national courts in the Member States in the Study Period. From the list of relevant rulings, the Study Team and the national legal experts selected a sample of rulings on the basis of their legal relevance and novelty within the respective Member States and at EU level. Subsequently, the national legal experts drafted case summaries of the selected rulings, and created country reports for each Member State, providing general conclusions on the state of play of State aid rules at national level.

The analysis covered both public and private enforcement of State aid rules and included the use of an extended number of statistics, as well as the identification of a number of qualitative trends and a comparison with earlier relevant research. The objective was also to identify a number of best practices in relation to the enforcement of State aid by the national courts of the Member States. A set of indicators was developed in order to assess how a given jurisdiction performs. These included the speed with which cases are likely to be resolved as a result of the practice, the quality of coordination with parallel Commission procedures, the degree to which the remedies provide for adequate compensation and the tools used for judicial dialogue.

Metaxas & Associates was proud to be selected as a legal expert for two member states, Greece and Cyprus, and honoured to provide its expertise in EU Law and State Aid for the development of this elaborate and important study.

You may see and download the full Study here:


You may see and download the Country reports for Greece and Cyprus here: