New book publication: “Transformation of EU and Eastern Mediterranean Energy Networks: Legal, Regulatory and Geopolitical Challenges”

A new book related to energy regulation and EU law is being published with the significant contribution of Metaxas & Associates Law Firm. This new publication, has been edited by our Managing Partner, Professor Dr. Antonis Metaxas and Dr. Leigh Hancher, Professor at Tilburg University & Florence School of Regulation. The book is a cooperation of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute and the Florence School of Regulation.

The publication is part of the European Energy Studies series, by Claeys & Casteels publishing house. It presents a short, comprehensive framework of the major issues that define the regulatory and political challenges of energy networks in the EU and its links with the Eastern Mediterranean. The book contains an analysis on the key issues shaping the current EU regulation framework, a study on the implementation of European energy policies in Southeastern Europe, a presentation of the geopolitical framework in Eastern Mediterranean, and an assessment on the future transformation of the European energy networks through digitization.

Dr. Antonis Metaxas has contributed also with one chapter in the book on Investment Protection under the Energy Charter Treaty. In this analysis, Prof. Metaxas offers an insight of ECT’s key elements and assesses the weight they bring upon current disputes over state sovereignty and investment protection in energy-related investments. The paper identifies the shift to the parties involved in arbitration from central and eastern to western European states. Furthermore, it showcases a shift on the underlying resource of the disputes, rising primarily from changes to regulatory frameworks related to the expansion and integration of RES in the EU. The analysis also detects a potential clash of the ECT with the EU Treaties over jurisdiction in intra-European Union disputes.

The other five chapters of the book have been written by Prof. Dr. Jochen Mohr from the University of Leipzig, Sofia Michelaki from the Greek National Natural Gas System Operator, Michalis Mathioulakis from the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute, Dr. Fotini Bellou from the University of Macedonia, Alexia Trokoudi from the Hellenic Petroleum, Marios Andrikopoulos from Elpedison S.A and Georgia Patsaroucha, an Athens lawyer.

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