Competition Law

A wealth of experience in Greek and EU competition law, together with a results-driven attitude, enable us to provide top-tier legal services and business-oriented solutions to both international and domestic clients.
Our expert practice in the Competition and Antitrust sectors includes advice on matters such as mergers in accordance with the European Community Merger Regulation and the Greek merger control regime; client representation before the Greek Competition Commission; third party advice, including complainants in merger investigations, and in-court litigation arising from merger proceedings.

Concerning cartels and breaches of competition law, we advise on a wide range of issues arising in cases before the European Commission, the national Competition Commission in Greece, and the Greek and European courts. We further provide strategic guidance on leniency applications and damage claims resulting from anti-competitive conduct.

For clients in a dominant position or clients in business with dominant firms, we advise on a scope of issues concerning abuse of market dominance and related restrictive practices, besides aiding the development of solid business strategies that take into consideration the existing legal constraints.

Our expertise in horizontal and vertical agreements includes advice on the antitrust implications of these and other types of agreements, including joint ventures, distribution and licensing arrangements, research and development activities and strategic alliances. We offer our expert knowledge regarding the implications of the EU horizontal and vertical block exemption regulations, with a special focus on distribution networks, such as the automobile sector.

Furthermore, we provide business strategies and compliance advice on the antitrust and competition implications of business agreements and transactions, while assisting our clients in establishing, adapting and monitoring proactive risk management programs and internal control in order to minimize the risk of non-compliance with the antitrust regulation.