State Aid Law

The in-depth knowledge of the intricate rules, European and national enforcement procedures and authorized schemes that define this sector, together with our hands-on experience on State aid matters, enable our firm to provide optimum targeted legal advice for clients in all market sectors.
Mustering expertise, strong commitment and understanding of our clients’ needs, we are able to offer comprehensive support to both State aid providers in the public sector and recipients in the private sector, as well as to third parties involved, especially competitors challenging the alleged beneficiaries of illegal State aid.

For the public sector, our services include the design of aid measures and schemes to avoid or minimize the element of State aid; avoid the allocation of illegal State aid and the corresponding penalties; select and utilize the most suitable vehicles for State aid; handle notifications and procedures for State aid approval, as well as relevant negotiations with the EU Commission.

Furthermore, we offer advice on transaction and legal due diligence procedures of State aid beneficiaries and represent clients before the relevant authorities and courts.

Hellenic State Aid Institute

Believing in the importance of a scientific orientation that optimizes the quality of legal practice, Metaxas & Associates supports the activities of the Hellenic State Aid Institute (HSAI –, in an effort to foster research and knowledge on EU State aid policy issues on an interdisciplinary basis. Upon the initiative of our Managing Partner, Professor A. Metaxas, the HSAI was established in 2010 with the objective to promote awareness and disseminate knowledge of State aid rules and their enforcement at both European and national level, while tracking any recent developments and trends within this sector.