Prof. Dr. Antonis Metaxas’ participation in the 2nd Renewable & Storage Forum (November 12th 2020)


Prof. Dr. Antonis Metaxas, Managing Partner of Metaxas & Associates Law Firm and Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute, participated as Chair in the second panel of the 2nd Renewable & Storage Forum, hosted by, that took place on November 12th 2020. The discussion, together with Yiannis Yarentis (Chairman & CEO of the Administrator of Renewable Energy Sources Operator & Guarantees of Origin, DAPEEP), George Ioannou (CEO of the Hellenic Energy Exchange, EnExGroup), Anastasios Manos (CEO of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, DEDDIE) and Ioannis Margaris (Vice President of Independent Power Transmission Operator, ADMIE), focused on the critical importance of the latest significant challenges in the Greek energy market and the RES sector in the process of “Green” Energy Transition.