“The New Legislative Provisions on Self-Consumption, Net Metering, and Net Billing: An Initial Legal Assessment”

Οι νέες νομοθετικές ρυθμίσεις για την αυτοκατανάλωση, net metering και net billing: Μια πρώτη νομική αποτίμηση 
Today’s front-page article published on Energypress drafted by the Law Firm “Metaxas & Associates” regarding the legal assessment of Law 5037/2023 (Government Gazette A’ 78/28.3.2023), which brought significant amendments to the institutional framework governing self-consumption. The new Law includes critical provisions concerning the possibility of implementing net metering, virtual net metering, real-time self-generation with the sale of surplus energy (net billing), virtual time-shifted net billing, and joint self-consumption.

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