M&A Law Firm Official Supporter of the 17th Roundtable with the Government of Greece organised by the Economist

Keynote speakers was, inter alia, Prime Minister of Greece A. Samaras, Leader of the Main Opposition A. Tsipras and Minister of Finance Y. StournarasDr. A. Metaxas, Managing Partner of “Metaxas & Associates” Law Firm was guest speaker at Session XIII  “RE-INVENTING THE POTENTIAL OF THE GREEK ELECTRICITY MARKET” along with Mr. A. Zervos, Chairman and CEO, Greek Public Power Corporation, M. Aslanoglou, Second Vice-Chairman, Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), R. Poti, Vice-president of Edison SpA, Italy, A. Tzouros, Executive Chairman Elpedison, D. Beroubi, Executive Director-General Manager, Protergia, which took place on Tuesday the 16th of April.

See the official Press Release by The Economist regarding the speech of Dr. Metaxas during the Energy Session at the Government Roundtable here.